Construction Expert Witness

Architect Expert Witness

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As a Forensic Architect, Mr. Chase has served as an Arbitrator on over a dozen cases to guide opposing parties through a formal, rule-based process that establishes a binding resolution and reasoned awards.


As a neutral third party, Mr. Chase has expertly guided parties in dispute through an informal, non-adversarial process toward a mutually agreeable resolution without prescribing what that solution should be. His years of experience as an Architect and CEO of one of the largest Architectural firms in the USA provides him with a special skill set that includes being well-equipped to evaluate and manage opposing interests, resolve conflicts and gain endorsements from conflicting stakeholders.

Expert Witness

As an Architect Expert Witness, Mr. Chase highlights issues of Standard of Care and fact to bring clarity to due diligence on both sides of the table, to advance resolution. With over 50 years of experience as a licensed architect and leader in the construction industry, Mr. Chase has the specialized technical knowledge and experience to offer professional opinions within the context of standards that apply to each unique case. His commitment to a thorough examination of the facts and depth of understanding of the industry provide a uniquely qualified individual to opine on your behalf.

Florida Mold – Architect Expert Witness

With specific knowledge regarding building roof and envelope water intrusion issues, and Florida Statutes Chapter 468, Mr. Chase is uniquely qualified to undertake a review and analysis of data regarding the history of a possible building remediation project and opine on the adequacy of assessments and related issues.