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Licensed in 21 states and the District of Columbia. Celebrating 20 years of dedicated service, 130+ cases in 11 states.

Now serving clients from two office locations: PALM BEACH, FL and HILTON HEAD, SC


Architect Standard of Care  Construction Defects  Complex Construction Disputes

David Erik Chase, AIA, received his first architectural licensure from New York State in 1971, and has since received continuing architectural licensures from an additional 20 states and the District of Columbia. His 50+ year career includes concurrently serving as an Architect Expert for the last 20 years on 130+ expert witness matters representing plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of design, construction, and related matters in 11 state jurisdictions. With decades of experience, his comprehensive knowledge and deep industry insights support a personalized and organized process of analysis, theories, opinions, and expert testimony. As an Architect, David’s expert practice is a “sole source” offering and not part of an expert network or any expert referral service. As such, his comprehensive services include a wide range of expertise offerings, including:

  • ADA Accessibility Compliance
  • Arbitrator Services through AAA-ICDR
  • Architect Liability
  • Architectural Agreements
  • Architectural Standard of Reasonable Care
  • Betterment
  • BOMA
  • Building Code Minimums
  • Building Envelope Water Leakage & Intrusion
  • Building Mold
  • Change Directives & Change Orders
  • Circular Stair Deficiencies
  • Component & System Failures
  • Construction Defects, Deficiencies & Ommissions
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Design Consultant Errors & Deficiencies
  • Entitlements
  • Floor Systems
  • Florida 718 Statutes for Condominiums
  • Negligence
  • Requests for Information
  • Roofing Systems
  • Sound Transmission Issues
  • Wrongful Death

Professional Background and Expertise

David earned his Bachelor of Science degree in architecture from Syracuse University in 1964, a Diploma in architectural design from the École des Beaux-Arts in Fontainebleau, France in 1966, and a Master of Science in architecture from Columbia University in 1969. In 1972, he founded Chase Architectural Associates with offices in Syracuse and Suffern, NY and Cairo, Egypt. During the next 20 years, his 50-person firm designed over $2B of constructed projects including health care and educational facilities, housing (multi-family, residential, and senior citizen/assisted living), and commercial and large scale PUDs . . . Learn more

Facts and Deliberative Process

The industry understanding of an Architect Standard of Care relies upon the reasonable degree of care, skill, and diligence for design professionals and is usually couched in terms of “like architect,” “community,” and “circumstances.” However, to discover the facts in any case, a broader standard of reasonable care could be used to more appropriately consider an architect’s actions. This would not only include the jurisdiction’s regulatory requirements like zoning and building codes and contractual promises but also, the knowledge and experience of the uniqueness of the design undertaking by the architect . . . Learn more

Thesis of Opinions and Testimony

Whether unresolved conflicts are singular in terms of subject matter and parties, or complex regarding the magnitude and intricacies of multiple claims and counter claims, the thesis of opinions by an expert must be simply stated. The American Arbitration Association describes a complex construction dispute exists when at least $1,000,000 in damages are disputed, exclusive of claimed interest, attorney’s fees, and other costs. Many of my past 130+ cases have exceeded this dollar threshold and have included multiple plaintiff and defendant parties. My thesis is that a Standard of Care and/or Duty of Care have been . . . Learn more

Google Reviews

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Bruno Ducharme
Bruno Ducharme
David is exceptional. He combines exceptional analytics, common sense, experience, credibility, and communication skills. Plus he's a delight to work with!
November Sloane
November Sloane
David is a true inspiration and the epitome of what it means to passionately love what you do. His enthusiasm, boundless energy, depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, and desire to devote himself utterly to uncovering every nuanced detail of the truth in each case, stems from his unique blend of integrity and professional expertise. I have worked with David for over 15 years and feel privileged to know him. Anyone needing an architect expert witness, mediator, or arbitrator would be most fortunate to have David on his or her side.
Christopher Butler
Christopher Butler
Mr. Chase was a pleasure to work with! He works diligently to meet deadlines and his work product is always professionally delivered. I highly recommend
darryl hill
darryl hill
Mr. Chase is superb. His professionalism, experience, and dedication are exceptional. Mr. Chase diligently and efficiently provided invaluable analysis, advice, and expert opinions in helping to resolve a complex and heavily litigated dispute involving a luxury high rise Condominium in Miami.
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz
I had the privilege of working with David as an expert on a very complex construction litigation matter involving multiple parties. David was my architectural standard of care expert. David was an absolute professional. He was incredibly responsive, competent and capable. He educated me on several very complex and intricate architectural matters and helped me understand the materials so that I could articulate and convey the issues and arguments simply. But most of all, it was clear to me that David truly enjoyed the work. His enthusiasm was evident and made for a very collaborative and enjoyable process (in an otherwise stressful situation).
robert may
robert may
David is a consummate professional. He works tirelessly to understand every minute detail of the case. He works virtually 24/7, is a true team player, hits every deadline, and is an asset to any case. No opposing expert will ever out-work David. He is also charismatic and makes for a credible and knowledgeable witness. I highly recommend David for your architect standard of care case.

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