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ASTM to Consider Revisions to Standards for Evaluating Water Leakage of Building Walls

Chase A+EP is pleased to announce that ASTM International is considering significant revisions to E2128-20, the 2020 “Guide for Evaluating Water Leakage of Building Walls.”  If you are an architect or building contractor, or an attorney representing an architect or building contractor, as you know, these guidelines are part of the broader Standard of Care […]

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Part 2 – Reasonable Standard of Care

Setting aside for a moment the art and science aspects of Architecture, with the entrepreneurial role and responsibility to its Clients, all Architects encounter both risks and rewards which are measurable. From my eighty (80) or so design and construction dispute case assignments, as Expert Witness, Mediator and /or Arbitrator, it has been my experience […]

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2017 Florida Legislature Refines “Latent Construction Defects Statute of Repose” Language

In Florida, there are currently two (2) key benchmark periods for claims to be made against parties regarding construction defects and an Architect’s reasonable Standard of Care. 1-Statute of Limitations– §95.11(3)(c); Imposes a four (4) year term that “patent”, obvious construction defects and deficiencies can be claimed, based on the following criteria: Actual possession by […]

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